National Adult Pre-Arrest Verification Tool.

The Civil Citation Network launches first national pre-arrest verification tool for law enforcement and relevant stakeholders.

Determine (in real-time) the offender's eligibility before issuing a citation... learn more

A 4-Year Pre-Arrest Diversion Pilot

The Civil Citation Network pilot program started over 4 years ago in Leon County, FL.

What we learned

Network Research & Outcome Data

The Civil Citation Network has aggregated best practices and overall outcome data.

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Research, news and relevant documents. For a complete list, click here.


Florida Marijuana Possession Laws Public Policy Options for Effective Intervention... read more

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The Case for Prearrest Diversion: A Collection of Supporting Research... read more

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Court Fines & Fees: How Court-Generated Revenue is Managed... read more

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Data below as a result of the Leon County Adult Civil Citation Pre-Arrest Diversion 4-year pilot program.
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Completed Program


Rearrest Rate


Participant Satisfaction

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Event Information

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    PTAC National Pre-Arrest Diversion Inaugural Conference 2018

    March 4-7, 2018, Ponte Vedra, FL.

    The Civil Citation Network looks forward to attend & present at the conference.

Core Components

The Civil Citation Network integrates law enforcement, clinical support services and partner stakeholders for straightforward management of citations. This includes a single data portal, assessment/assignment, community service in addition to secondary services.

Network Partners

We continue to add partners to the Network. We're extremely excited about our national presence and efforts to create outcome based pre-arrest diversion programs.

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