Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion Programs

    The statewide civil citation process is designed to provide an alternative to formal judicial handling for first time misdemeanant offenses. The purpose of Civil Citation is two-fold.

    First, the process aims to prevent further offenses. Second, the process ensures that the offense is appropriately addressed without creating a criminal record.

    Eligible participants must admit to committing the offense and agree to participate in the civil citation process. Florida Statutes requires this process to be implemented at the local level. Further, statutes specify that the process includes both an assessment of the needs of each participating youth and the provision of services to address the specific needs.

    'The Case for Pre-Arrest Diversion: A collection of Supporting Research'
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    In addition to our pilot Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion (APAD) Program in Leon County, we develop proprietary solutions. They include platforms that solve some of the critical gaps within any diversion program. Several features are shared below:

    Case Management
    Start to end citation management, notations, communication, state statutes & ordinances.

    Assess & Assign
    Intervention services tied into offense and assessment in real-time.

    Records Management
    Communication, case notes, documents, verification forms are attached to each participant case.

    From live case data to specific case analytics to permission based data aggregators.

    Payment Service
    Accept and process all participant service payments.

    Secure Communication
    Secure sandbox messaging, active live notifications and centralized document sharing.

    Scalable User Manager
    Manage agency staff and granular permissions for all groups.

    Built-in Support
    Technical support issues, feedback notification and product wish list.

    Account encryption, multi-pass security, built-in permission bindings, State compliant privacy standards.

    For specific questions related to your agency needs, contact us.