Juvenile Pre-Arrest Diversion Programs

    The statewide civil citation process is designed to provide an alternative to formal judicial handling for first time misdemeanant offenses. The purpose of Civil Citation is two-fold. First, the process aims to prevent further offenses. Second, the process ensures that the offense is appropriately addressed without creating a criminal record.

    The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice is tasked with encouraging and assisting Florida communities as they implement and improve this process.

    The Network provides a juvenile verification tool for LEO's and stakeholders to determine eligibility. Our data services can be customized for your agency. For example, if you require eligibility verification that is specific to 18-21 year old offenders, we can create a pathway for that capability in addition to providing ongoing training. The technology results are straightforward (as shown below).


    For more information on the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (FL DJJ), click here. We have also provided resources and printable literature, click here

    The Civil Citation Network integrates law enforcement, clinical support services and partner stakeholders for straightforward management of citations.